About Us

i am | abimillen

My Story

Founded by abimillen in 2020, i am | abimillen is a small developing brand making a positive impact ethically and environmentally. Currently, helping you all stay safe with our latest hemp face mask range.  

Back in the Summer of 2020 we found ourselves immersed in a global pandemic. One that changed our perspective of many aspects of the world. Graduating from university around the same time meant starting my fashion career the traditional way wasn’t going to be an option, the whole world had been paused. This is where abimillen flourished. Working within a supermarket during the pandemic meant disposable face masks were my best friend but also my worst enemy. My skin was continuously breaking out and constantly found myself out of breath, not to mention the negative environmental impact we were having on the planet. This I where my story began…



Sustainable Fabric  

After months of research and experimentation, hemp was brought to my attention as a sustainable alternative to cotton, growing in popularity amongst the fashion industry. Not only is hemp great for the planet but it also has many positive impacts for your skin:

  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable for the Future
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial

View our page on HEMP for more information.


Supporting people in my supply chain

I source my hemp fabric from organisations which have the same ethical and environmental values as myself, one company being ‘The Hemp Foundation’ in India, Uttarakhand, who help support women and farmers socially and economically.

View our page on HEMP for more information.


Made to Order

All products are dyed and made to order. This helps reduce waste as well as making each item personal to you. All colours produced are formulated by us. We try and strive for consistency throughout our colour variations however, each batch may vary due to the handmade nature.

Every order is handmade by me, so your order may take 14 days to be created.


Supported by our customers

“The main reason I wanted to try these face masks is the breathable fabric, my skin has become very bad from the use of different synthetic materials. I am really pleased with how my skins transformed since I started wearing Abi’s face masks. The only downside was that I had too many colours to choose therefore `I had to order more than one!” Catalina 23/10/20


“Amazing design. The only mask I can wear continuously, feel comfy and breathe easily. Look forward to your future progress.” Maria 11/01/21


“Amazing face masks, fantastically designed by a talented young lady and finished with great packaging. Would make a lovely gift as well as personal use. Would highly recommend.” Vikki 19/10/20