Eco Hemp Face Mask

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i am | Eco Dyed 

i am | made from 3 layers of 100% hemp fabric

i am | hand made to order

Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. Our face masks follow a similar folding process to create an innovative face mask designed to fit comfortably to the face. Every mask is made from 3 layers of 100% Hemp woven fabric sourced from The Hemp Foundation. This beautifully soft and lightweight fabric has been specifically chosen to you provide comfort and protection*. 

Sizing - Small: standard fit for a child face, Medium: standard fit for a women face and Large: standard fit for a male face. Ear straps are adjustable.

Colour - We try and strive for consistency throughout our colour variations however, each batch may vary due to the handmade nature.

Production time: 7-14 days


*These masks has been made according to the WHO guidelines effective for fabric face masks and are not medical grade.


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